Organization exists to perform, some organization may outward or eloquent it but most of all are considering it as an hushed approach which is a main factor influencing all the activities. This pandemic made companies to revitalize their purpose. As many of the organizations are contemplating not just on economic objectives but their long term objectives for which they exist. Issues like sustaining, attaining economic growth, need arise for the healthier communities, a wide variety of choices and individual control are getting highlighted and becoming a part of reflection.

Presently, statement of objective is not only apparent in taglines also used in applied business processes and systems. Most of the companies are setting into motion a digital transformation program applied through digital technology with a view to fulfill the required purpose of organization. The first quiver of transformation digitally experienced the boundaries between industries obscure as organizations enlarged, parallely glancing at the value of vicinage. During the pandemic, transformation has emerged as a need and became more mature. Therefore, most of the companies are blurring their boundaries with the motive of seeking and becoming more porous, giving an outlining value from defined ecosystems to obtain specific purposes.

The digital transformation shifted business through these skylines-

Build the digital core-

The first skyline is setting down the foundation. Organizations could take the first step through expanding their boundaries by building the digital core. It could also lead to securing operational efficiencies, adaptability and resilience. Organization can make entry in this era through any technology such as AI or agile, but with the use of all power increases. Various organizations usually get stuck with some type of questions such as do they possess the right collaboration of platform or does they have enterprise cloud enablement and are my physical assets connected. How these platforms are spry and resilient in application environments and are system and infrastructure accessible.

Unveil New business Models-

The strength of digital transformation through building digital core generates the way of the next skyline- innovation and transformation in business process models. Organizations possess the power to perform revolution through combined use of digital technologies , which is the root for performing innovation in business process models to provide enhanced customer experience. This phase is elementary in navigating through innovation and integration of various applications into the operating model. Moreover, Industries have significantly invested in customer experience as an essential factor. Health care and other industries which are heavily structured could gain some level of expertise from the financial sector.

Adopt Transformation and grow around righteous ecosystem-

The third skyline involves higher order transformation and more stimulating. This is in context with industry structures that are aligned with purpose driven changes to adopt the ecosystem as an operating model. Organizations are considered as sustainable who are shifting their delivery point product to fulfill the comprehensive purpose for end consumers. To apply this, they are collaborating with their competitors, government, partners over industries, startups and other platforms. Platform does not only remove the barrier of intermediaries but also digitize information across the chain. Though it also provides transparency and catalyze cross domain innovation.

Growth of organizations along with enduring through this third skyline, it promotes exponential value creation not only fulfil the purpose of business value but also brings in ecosystem. Relentless value creation anchorage anchorage collective knowledge and self funding transformation pervade this phase.

Upsetting in the business models made us to redraw the assumptions of our business plan and processes. This pandemic in 2020 has given us a big lesson that it is only a purpose which is a unifying force in an increasingly borderless world. Leaders are required to draw a roadmap to obtain purpose driven growth which will serve as a key to obtain higher business value.