We are looking for a Software Test Engineer who will thoroughly inspect our products before they’re launched. As a Test Engineer in our company, you will work closely with the production team to understand why we’re building a product and what the specific requirements are. Then, you will run a series of tests through all stages of production to identify potential malfunctions and recommend improvements. Ultimately, you’ll ensure our final products meet our quality standards.


  • As the job title suggests, software test engineers test out the software. After coming up with ways to evaluate the software, they run a variety of automated and manual tests. The results of these tests show whether the software is living up to its purpose and consistently producing desired results.
  • Delivering Findings.
  • After running tests, software test engineers write up reports detailing what they did and the outcome. This information is crucial to decision-making on how to proceed.
  • Collaborating with Others.
  • Software test engineers often are involved with developers and other colleagues from the beginning of a project to offer input on the potential pros and cons of structuring a program in a certain way. At steps along the way, they make suggestions regarding changes, improvements, and alternatives to try. As part of their job, experienced software test engineers get called upon to monitor the work and other testers..


  • Experience - Minimum 3 years in Manual Testing.
  • Paying attention to detail to look for patterns and spot irregularities.
  • Knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
  • Strong analytical and reasoning skills with an ability to visualize processes and outcomes.
  • Proficiency in troubleshooting software issues and debugging a large codebase.