The main hurdle in daily life is to face all the challenges and overcoming through staying positive at work.

Visualising these instances

  • Some entrepreneur abandon their business in their initial setback whereas some transformed their start up into conglomerate.
  • Once, award winning idea was turned down by the majority.

There are various success stories are available which makes us feel idealistic and upbeat and these stories possess something in common. The root of these success stories comes from power of positive thinking which can be considered as edge of learning of problem solving skills. Challenges and hurdles are inevitable, the mastery of skills to faces all challenges is tied over with both behavioural discipline and attitudinal discipline.

Coming on the current condition, post pandemic trauma has caused limited interaction of human which has resulted in rise in stress. We have to understand that problem solving skill only comes with power of positive approach. Focusing on how to resolve the issue is effective rather than getting stress on it. These situation are more often testing our positive and analytical skills. Here I’d like to share few suggestion to build the habit of thinking positive and foregrounding its edge which comes to the fore of making such habit.


It includes couple of deep and focused minutes that includes inhaling and exhaling just to control over a moment.

Crack down at the beginning –

Waking up with the optimistic thought that world is full of hope and it revolve around uncertainty that an event can turn our lives for better. Elementary yet intellectual thought process initiates and set off the ground for positive course of action.

Vitalization in day-

Focus more on the things you are passionate about, that get your creative juices flowing. These things can include smaller instances such as seeing face of loved one, the vision of a plant with a full-boomed flower, physical exercise, gently music or aroma of fresh tea. The purpose is to live to the fullest and engage more gratefully.

Create an optimistic breeding ground-

Interacting with people is essential however, choosing the right people to spend time with is vital. Being with a person who is all optimistic, full of love and passion, enthusiastic resulting in transferring of their positive aura on you. Make a distance from negative social media matter or content which diminishes, disparage and deteriorate your energy. Try to give positivity in life of those who has lost hope and those who need it. This will turn your own attitude into more optimistic.

Eliminate Negativity-

Explore within to understand that what drags you down and identify all the routed blocks on the path of your success. It is expedient to anticipate nasty and disagreeable things which is the root cause of diminished energy. After assessment, reduce their impact and focus more towards achieving your goal.

Build an optimistic aura-

Focus on ascertaining all the factors which are responsible for success of established peoples. The stories are the outcome of perseverance and staying positive when odd were high. It is well said that, “Many of the life’s failures are result of non-realisation of the fact that they were so close to their success.”

Practice optimistic thought process-

Understanding of the fact that you could experience blissful and joyful moments accompanying with your loved ones. Having an attitude which is grateful towards life allows you to live such precious moment like sunshine, rain etc. Focusing more on solution rather on the reason of problem brings a gratitude in your personality.

Maintaining a grateful attitude during the hardship is easier said than done. However, keeping in mind that it is temporary and it will pass allows you to build hope and all the suggestions shared above will help you in turning your thought process into optimistic and steps toward better lifestyle.