Customize Interactive Marketing

The 21st century needs to understand customer journeys around multiple touchpoints. So, our professional analytics team at SLT would be customizing interactive marketing insights across all of your channels, interacting social, mobile, emails, & web & at various platforms that are mixed data streams into our assessments. We work about making the acknowledgment regarding our client’s customers so as to create the best strategic, provocative, and actionable solutions that hold the most impact in every moment.

We focus on interactive strategy just to focus on eliminating cross-border differences with a view to target clients customers through all channels of digital platforms. We believe that content should be presentable in a way that it directly educates our clients customers as it should be based on their preferences. SLT is structurizing impactful customize interactive solution for client customers.


We have a great experience in data visualization and dashboards, website testing, optimization and Google Analytics Configuration.

Financial Advisory to Maximise ROI

Our solutions help financial advisors to analyze & implement customized investment strategies by leveraging Big Data analytics. We provide recommendations, help segregate & enable advisors to discuss short listed discretionary & non-discretionary portfolios with client to make better investment decisions in case of a non-discretionary portfolio.

Data analytic & Data modernization

SLT provides a consolidated data platform for analytics and in time data insights to strategize, operate, and accelerate data professionally with AI. The platform reduces the cost of expansive source of data coverage, improves business alignment and customer experience. With the use of digitised platform for data analytics leads to higher effectiveness in operations.

Consultancy is the need of an era

Gain a complete overview of the business and ascertain the data and analytics needs and efficiently analyze the level of data utilization in the organization. Efficient monitoring results in progress of data and analytics utilization. Develop and adopt, practices and approaches for overall governance which enables your company to simplify modern operations.