Meet the increased consumer demand

A revolutionary customized strategy in retail and decision-making, SLT retail services help solve business challenges and to compete in today's connected marketplace by harnessing the power of data. It uses artificial intelligence to help retailers identify customer and market needs.

SLT Retail Apps

This offers Mobile commerce app, Inventory app, Price list app, In-store catalogue app, Dashboards app and more for better retail insights and customer-centric solution which delivers enhanced customer experience.

Merchandise optimization suite

This harnesses the power of AI , data analytics and predictive algorithms to help retailers understand, attract and engage with today’s informed and connected consumers.

SLT unified commerce platform

This offers domain-drive API catalog and microservices for a future ready retail business.

SLT Algo Retail

Combines data and algorithms across the value chain and empowers retailers to address core business challenges

Implementing modern strategies and applications that are connected to back-end systems is essential for retailers for lower TCO, enhanced agility, better customer experience and a unified ecosystem. Benefits are-

  • Warehouse management
  • Employee management
  • Demand and supply chain insights
  • Material Handling
  • Purchase history
  • Streamlined outlets
  • Data rich decisions