The Cataclysmic circumstances have distorted typical functional structures, riveting organizations to depict resilient workforce to ensure continuous workforce management. This pandemic has brutally impacted socio-economic activities and on economics and industries.

Resilient is an approach that enhances the ability of an organization to withstand threats and build more competence than before. Resilience is more than a cope up approach but it includes being malleable and demonstrates eagerness to acquire more knowledge through experiences.

The workforce in the modern era constantly manifests their interest in perceiving new experiencing and exploring opportunities at the time of their working lifecycle. The Zeal regarding showing tier competency constantly aspires them to adopt resilience and handle stress effectively, rescind its extravagant noxious nature.

Behavior, Employee engagement and Attitude are the essential components to establish resilience, that can attain and nurtured by any employee. However, it doesn't happen promptly in the modern workplace; amusingly it requires proper concentration to build a resilient workforce.

There are various complexities and challenges that are visible in modern working culture at a global level. It is mandatory for organization to determine and eliminate all the stressful factors and superintend overwhelming factors. Emotional support and clarity are the most important components that are not taken into consideration.

Embracing new challenges and experience that supports to eliminate routine stress and drive towards resilience is a need of an era. Imposing learning culture will lead to more focus in building workforce resilience at individual and organizational level.

Providing essential training to employees can make them more transparent about their roles and responsibilities. It directly affects performance effectiveness and it makes them realize about the importance of their duties. This will build a positive and stress free working environment which will establish organization reputation.

Problem solving skills is a requirement that needs to be embedded to tackle complexity in routine working structure. Emotional support and stability plays a major role in managing stress and to create awareness that affects an individual performance.

Proving a sense of control and building self confidence will make them competent to take full charge of their work. Maintaining work-life balance by proffering time to relax and retrieve. In recent study, it has been noticed that most of the employees were highly resilient when felt connected and empowered.

In nutshell, resilience is crucial for any organization to nourish and attain global competitiveness as it prepares them for future uncertainties. Attaining a resilient workforce is a complex approach which requires proper planning and execution integrated with faith and effective communication, one can attain it.