Obtaining Real Time information

Real time information means access to information without any latency. It enables your company to discover and explore real time business intelligence with scalable BI system that ensures self serve access to personalized insight on any device. We provide you RTBI approach where data is analyzed within a minute through any direct operation source or from feeding business transactions.

Event based

RTBI is based on events and use various techniques to enables analyzing of event without getting store at first place. High rate of event can be examined which result in reduction in latency as data does not get stored.

Server less technology

Innovative real time technology removes the need for data storage and enables accessing of live data from the source. Data visualization is a tool used to analyze data in real time and activate automated actions.

Process aware

This allows comparison, monitoring of transactions which gives operational intelligence to your business. Advanced implementation provides threshold detection, alerting and generating feedback in result of closing the loop.