Success Ladder Technologies (SLT) believes that it is important for you to know that why we collect your data and how we use it. We are committed towards respect of your privacy and choice. This involves the statement which represent that why we collect your data through this website, .

Access to personal information-

Within the context of privacy statement, ‘Personal information’ refers to any particular or combination of data related to any individual which is in possession of SLT. We may collect divergent kind of personal information for multi purposes.

  • Information that you provide via our website or when you register on our website such as name, address, contact no etc
  • Information regarding your digital tool you are using to connect and Internet Protocol Address, computer operating system and browser type information collected via cookies.
  • Use of cookies to collect information provided in cookie policy.
Purpose to collect personal information-
  • The information is collected to measure the traffic on site, create your user ID and to identify you once you have registered on our website.
  • We are concerned about your queries so it is also collected to respond or answer your queries.
  • We use this information to ensure safety and security with the motive to enhance user experience on our website
  • To provide job assistance by processing job application and job related request and to determine that which part of website are frequently visited.
  • As and when you put a query, for that purpose we are required to obtain certain information to respond on your query such as name, geographical area, qualifications and content of the message.

Processing information on legal basis-

We may process your personal information with third parties service providers and to other entities in SLT group. Please note, SLT has never buy or sell your personal information to third parties. Your personal information is only use for a legitimate purpose described.

  • We may share your personal data with third party as and when required by law. We require the third party to respect the privacy of your personal data in accordance with the law.
  • The term Third parties include third party service provider such as agents, contractors and other entities from SLT. The third parties require your personal data for performing activities are- hosting and other internet services, marketing research, campaign management and event manager. Each and every third party has to ensure proper security for your personal data in line with company privacy policy.
  • We usually share your personal data to other entities of SLT to perform some regular activities and for company performance review with the purpose of company reconstructing and group restructuring exercise. Other entities in group are requires to take proper security measure to protect your personal data.
  • We process your personal information whenever it is required for performance of contract as you are the one of party to it and to take step at your request prior entering into a contract. If you do not provide your personal data which is required to provide service you have requested, we will not be able to provide our services.

How we keep safe your personal information

We have implemented technical, organizational and proper security measures to prevent data from getting lost accidentally used or accessed in unauthorised way and disclosed. In addition, we only give access to limited parties who have a business legitimate purpose to know. They will only process your data based on the confidentiality and instructions given to them. We have proper implemented procedures to deal with data security breach and will notify you wherever it is required by law.

Time span to keep your information-

We will only retain your personal data as long as the purpose is fulfilled for which we collected it that can be for accounting and reporting requirement. Therefore, we will not keep your information for a longer period until it is required by law for legitimate purpose.

Data Transfer-

We may transfer you personal data to outside of the country, including some countries which have different data protection policy which they apply. The location of SLT group is set out as our primary location is in U.S.A . Where service providers access your personal information deemed by European commission. We rely on European commission regarding protection of your personal data. As we use standard contractual clause or have faith on service provide corporate policy as it able or protect your personal data.

Right to access on your personal information-

You can at anytime delete your personal information that we hold based on your preferences in accordance with the law. You have right to withdraw your consent which we have asked for to utilise your personal data. We only use your data for a legitimate purpose so you have a right to object on this. This right are not applicable when there is a legal obligation to utilise your personal information.

Update to this privacy statement-

SLT can update data privacy practices and respect to privacy statement when the need arises and the same will be available on this website. Mainly, we will always be committed in respect to protect the privacy of users.

How to contact us-

If any question arises regarding our privacy measures or to get more information about privacy statement, please contact us: