Fabricating mining operations with intelligent mining

With the growth in mining sector, the medium and large companies are facing operational challenges.

Mine Management System

MMS for mining combines production, commercial and support processes which results in enterprise wide planning, execution and reporting. MMS empowers your highly capable professional team to complete complex project at fast pace leads to better execution.

Design for Mining

Design includes cloud based intelligent asset management and data catching and up-to-date Dashboard and risk management. -maximize pre configured process and provide expertise in mining industry and detect gaps and implement delta requirement.

Future Plans

Automotive learning capabilities in case of emission and Stimulate demand management over the business. It provide asset management solutions to manage capital and operating expenses and empowers multi enterprise operational planning.

Warehouse and Scrap Management

With the use of MMS, your company can automate their structure to find any useful data. Therefore, MMS will enable your company to extract data related to scrap from huge amount of data available. Warehouse management made simpler for the companies as MMS provide scrap product details in real time which increases effectiveness in selling area.

Billing and Revenue Management

MMS makes the entire revenue management process simpler as our automated software generates bills at any time when it is required. With this, revenue source are also identified and data is captured which can be used for further acknowledging. This whole process of MMS strengthens the overall billing part of organization which reduces cost of operations.

Inventory Management

MMS helps your company in management of stock and with the movement of goods, document is created where all the quantities of stocks are updated which is termed as Material document.