This year has started with a bang but with the wrong reason. This pandemic has shown the negative consequences of globalisation. Along with its disastrous effect, it has shaken the economic conditions of countries. This pandemic has disrupted operations and future plans of companies. The companies has suffered financial crisis as they were expected to pay high amount on manual resources. However, there are some positive aspects and further opportunities are opened to achieve sustainable development. Snail in technology in various companies resulted in tough time but now is the time where those companies can embrace the use of technology.

Preparing for another disruption-

Companies who are investing in technologies are strengthening themselves for further. The new era would be the era of digital transformation. So it is suggested to all leading companies to shift their action towards automated solutions. As further disruption can be navigate through understanding the adaptation of technology and making your workforce to work remotely.

Heading towards local rather than global-

This pandemic has made our government realised that they are required to emphasis on local industries and reducing their dependency on other countries. Certain sectors are heading towards localisation and automation. This will benefit the local companies and could also result in economic slowdown in other countries. Some companies would take this situation as opportunity and will build their share by focusing more on local and automation.

Empowering global business in CSR-

This pandemic has allowed various companies to support in fight with covid 19. Some companies have undertaken various project such as ventilators, kit etc. They have shown a huge support by fulfilling their corporate social responsibility. This pandemic is offering various opportunities to focus on reducing inequality and giving attention to health and safety measures.

Better strategic procurement-

Revolutionizing the process through which strategy is formed and begin your cognitive journey with business intelligence. By help in assessing the real time data, it delivers the personalized experience and help in forming better decisions. Now, this pandemic has originated the higher need to automate and perform operation through automated solutions. SLT integrate AI with business intelligence and bestow automated solution to form your company as cognitive company.

Shift towards automation-

It depends upon the company that which method company use for their higher growth as now the time is where companies have to shift their attention towards automation. The management of data, supply chain and various management operations could be easily operated through automated solution. This allows company to be back themselves for future disruptions.

Digitising in midst of Covid 19 –

Before, digitised and automation was an extinction. Nowadays, there is constant innovation which is the only way to outbreak competition. Building digitally enabled business is a challenge for medium and small sized enterprises. The digital transformation will reduce various limitation such as shortage of talent, data quality issues and others which is standing as a barrier to attain success. Though, companies need a strong team to get succeed in this fight with pandemic.

This pandemic has affected all the dimensions of companies and the degree of impact varies. Technology like automation which allows companies to automate their operations helps in channelizing investment in core areas. So it reduces the impact of pandemic as it is more suitable to form decisions regarding investment.

The norm of social distancing has majorly affected the area where working together is the main subject. SLT is focusing on working remotely so that this norm could not impact on productivity of company. Moreover, automated services provided by SLT will allow other companies to work remotely so that their productivity can be enhanced as well.