We Revolutionize And Provide Automated Solutions In These Industries.

Being a customer responsive centric business is the need of an era and we provide services to enhance customer value. We help you to drive sustainable business growth and value with minimized risk, enhanced productivity and accelerated timelines. You can trust us to ease out your gap between the IT needs and their implementations in time. We try to provide enhanced efficiency, greater customer base and keep pace with technology. SLT is providing ERP solutions for diverse industries so that we can enhance their effectiveness of operation. We are working to automate their operations that saves cost and resources.We provide automated solution that result in smooth functioning of operations in organisation. We have focused on these industries as their operation involve huge complexity in their operation. Our ERP solution has basic features which automate the operations.

Manage Production Costs and Manufacturing Processes

Our company provides customized digital solutions such advanced analytics to improve processes, reduce costs and for efficient operations.Based on our deep industry expertise, we provide end to end solutions for enterprise transformation. Our tailored solutions offer order management, field service management, accruals and expense management.

  • Remote Asset Monitoring.
  • Smart Factories.
  • Early warning & Failure Prediction

Decreased Expenditure, Increased Sales

Digitization and the changing retail ecosystem are forcing the automobile industry to adhere to new mobility concepts and to rethink their retail strategies for a seamless integration across all customer-facing channels, customer centric approach and better market share.

  • ERP Solutions
  • Smart Mobility
  • Early detection and Maintenance

Meet the increased consumer demand

A revolutionary customized strategy in retail and decision-making, SLT retail services help solve business challenges and to compete in today's connected marketplace by harnessing the power of data. Implementing modern strategies and applications that are connected to back-end systems is essential for retailers for lower TCO, enhanced agility, better customer experience and a unified ecosystem.

  • Merchandise optimization suite.
  • SLT unified commerce platform.
  • SLT Algo Retail.
  • SLT Retail Apps.

Ensure evolved guest and travel experience with Digital Transformation

Travel and hospitality have a huge competitive market and to stand among the competitors and satisfying the customer needs takes more than just good marketing strategies. We offer state-of-the-art mobile applications and technology solutions for airlines, hotels, OTAs, TMCs, and airports. With SLT, ease up all your service related activities with its ERP and CRM systems, UX/UI consulting, design and development to perform your daily activities in a more organised and responsive way.

  • ERP solutions.
  • CRM solutions.
  • Flight Collab System.
  • Mobility services.

Mining Transformation with Digital Innovation

Operate efficiently and improve profitability across the value chain using customized industry leading technology and software to manage engineering, asset performance and for efficient operations that results in maximized profits. SLT offers services under digital value chain and asset performance management, unified operations and center and workforce empowerment. Get Complete visibility and control of your work, preventive and inventory management and maintenance systems with amplified Operation, Production and Procurement capabilities.

  • Operation management.
  • Information Management.
  • Training systems.
  • Production profitability.
  • Early Warning system.
  • Integrated system.