We are the catalyst of change

A Future shaped with data-driven analytic that stays unaffected from industrial changes

We revolutionize and innovate business models

for an enhanced customer experience and develop new business outcomes.

From Implementation to Innovation

Stepping into Transformation

Get ready for the digital transformation of your brand with ARES- the game changing technology of artificial intelligence. We help you evaluate the multiple complex variables and help you identify them and maximize business outcomes based on business intelligence.

Bridging the gap into innovation

Being a responsive customer centric business is the need of the hour and we do exactly that. We help you drive sustainable business growth and value with minimized risk, enhanced productivity and accelerated timelines

Rule your Data and Investment

We have a great experience in data visualization and dashboards: website testing, optimization, analytics, tagging structure, & Google Analytics Configuration.

Centralized platform for business intelligence

We provide modern views of business operations

By using business intelligence.


Real time Business Intelligence

It will empower your company to obtain real time information.

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Role based Dashboard and BI reporting

Empower real time visibility into company-wide performance.

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Data visualization and Analytic Apps

This feature enables in presenting data into visual forms.

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Mine Management System

Fabricating mining operations and making it automated.

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AI based Business Intelligence

Emerging lot of opportunity with futuristic Technology.

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Intelligent Business Process Management

Bestow benefits of artificial intelligence.

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Stimulate your productivity

Multi-cloud management and Digitize customer experience


B2B operational management


Advisory services


Digitize legacy business suites

Building Career with SLT

More than a job, its an adventure in innovation

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Connect with SLT

Getting in touch with innovation and digitalization

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