The covid 19 pandemic has trembled the leading companies and distempers their operations. Industries having huge workload are facing issues in operating uninterruptedly. We succeeded in making those operations simpler. Irrepressible operations are the major focus of any leading company. SLT allow their companies to understand all the complex operation and accelerating the use of technology in it. As this pandemic has caused major difficulties to steer their financial structure, supply chain and risk to workforce. The companies are enduring with the impact of covid 19 as they are anxious about paying bill and regarding safety of their workforce. The financial stress and digital innovation are further complicating the affairs. We as a partner, it our foremost responsibility to provide automated solutions to our clients which results in effective management of supply chain and workforce.

From past few months, it is conclude that use of technology has become more essential to work smoothly for leading companies. In new normal, survivor will be those who leverage the available technology. Technology is not only the source of productivity in operation but it enables company to develop new areas. Ensuring employee safety, allowing simulations, saddling the needy data and exploiting on demand options are only ways to reduce the impact of pandemic.

We have analysed the impact of pandemic in key areas having various parameters affecting productivity of companies. The rapid evolution of digital transformation has allowed SLT to bestow innovated technology to leading companies. The key areas where pandemic has highly impacted:

Financial Planning-

Companies must review their plan of expenditure and finalised the categories where spending is required. SLT bestow them this function by providing automated solution which manages financial data and help in decision making.

Company Empowerment-

Nowadays, remotely working has become an essential norm. The company has experienced the rise in use of digital technology which will result in increased productivity and enables employees safety.

Technology allows companies to aspire and make their journey flexible and adaptable. The leader will be those who will adopt the automated solutions for their operations and consider this pandemic as opportunity to use digitalization in better productive manner.

It has changed our way of living as most of the companies are using zoom as a tool to conduct meetings and everything. Almost everything that we buy is through digitally and getting delivery at door. This pandemic has increased the importance and requirement to shift on automation as this virus will occur long term impact on society.

Acceleration of AI in Human Activities-

This pandemic has manifest that reliability of human labour to run economy is an unacceptable concept. With the study of current scenario, it can be concluded that this pandemic will not get vanish until few years so companies are require to put more focus on using AI to perform various activities that are risky to perform under these circumstances. The concept of AI is more reliable for future growth and success as they are not subject to any virus and AI will keep working under any crisis.

Alliance in a Contactless Manner is New Norm-

Once this pandemic is over, there still be a doubt and fear about spreading infections. As the risk of spreading infection is lower if you maintain safe distance from an infected person. Therefore, contactless interfaces will be seen in future as an important aspect.

This pandemic has affected all the dimensions of companies and the degree of impact varies. Technology like automation which allows companies to automate their operations helps in channelizing investment in core areas. So it reduces the impact of pandemic as it is more suitable to form decisions regarding investment.

Automated operations allow companies to assess and redesign the business process. The companies can obtain automated solutions and determine how they will fit in company. Integrate AI with your business operations to create self healing. The leaders will be those who will adopt automation in upcoming scenario. Automation has been an important concept as it enables you to save cost and effort by performing operations through technology which were done manually before.

Therefore, SLT allow leading companies to shift their attention on automation which is need of this era. The companies should take advantage of upgraded technologies so that they can overcome all the barriers that are restraining them to achieve their goals.