Shifting towards working remotely

The current global pandemic has enforced most of the companies to shift its attention in working remotely. Many businesses are generating solutions to make their workforce work remotely. SLT has developed its own working system to help employees by providing required resources and making them adapt this new changing environment.

Criteria for working remotely

The employer and employee are required to form terms on which they will be working remotely. The plan of work from home should be well coordinated and controlled. The criteria should be set of expected performance with employee and employee should have required resources. The set criteria reduces the stress as working remotely involves pressure of steering personal and professional relationship. It is suggested to employees of the company to set up their home office by considering one room as office room. This allocation of accommodation in their own house will not only enhance their focus but it will allow them to maintain confidentiality of work. The employees should take proper nutrition as health of employees is our top concern. So they are required to take breaks at the appropriate time.

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