When situation of covid 19 hit at first, most of the companies shifted their emphasis on e-commerce selling instancing food and beverages and beauty products. These two categories were primarily brought up in person most of the time before the new normal situation.

E-commerce has emerged as a huge asset for most of the industries. As the companies, who would never consider e-commerce as an option are delighted by huge online sales. For various companies, online sales has become a lifetime option and has wiped out traditional selling approaches.

Though there are some various prevailing companies which require personal contact with their customers. Online selling is more than just a website as retailers require to handle complex transportation and logistics which involves fulfillment of network distribution. It also demands adequate infrastructure, efficient staff and advanced technology to make e-commerce effective. No amazement that early adopters are more successful than retailers who have just now started their digital experience. As early adopters have invested more in technology and are earning 80 % of last years whereas retailers are facing roadblocks in attracting customers online.

The pandemic has resulted in its two forms that is best for some and worse for others. And the difference between these two forms is the importance of digital transformation before and after the pandemic.

Change in Technology in New Normal-

The economic condition was at a boom rate in the starting of year 2020 though the rate of unemployment was still there. But unfortunately the national condition has taken a swift to worse in modern history. The situation was not predicted by anyone though with the early warning signals, the effects would have clenched anyone in the act.

Companies' ability to manage this situation is totally determined by strategies formed for digital transformation. Before pandemic, no one bought chips online and now it is risky to buy in person so most of the retailers shifted their focus on online selling. Therefore, this is one of the instances that companies are adopting digital transformation strategies.

Most of the brands have shifted their resources on e-commerce by creating websites and making easily accessible to customers. It resulted in enticing customers leery of proffering to the store. Progress made on the road of digital transformation, various brands have managed to adopt the pandemic rather than bushwhacked by it.

Learnt Facts About Digital Transformation-

This pandemic situation has proved that digital transformation isn’t just a beneficial element although it's a necessity of this era. It is not the responsibility of top level management though it is imperative to top management but it is required to get spread in all aspects of the enterprise. Aspects are-

  • Human Resource- The application that this department uses in daily lives has huge implications on business activities. Analyzing and implying employees information and data is a major task and using online communication tools and web applications allows to keep everyone informed in a situation where most of the employees are working remotely.
  • Business Development- Technology like AI and machine learning has a large amount of impact on business development. Considering a network that could generate adequate revenue for the project. If all those projections are larger than the target of the company then it can allow sales to adjust different activities of business development considering the view of better results.
  • Supply chain- Digital transformation can and should have its impact on physical space of the supply chain. As whatever is communicated through the front end that should get delivered to the concerned party.
  • Engagement- Staying connected with the new and potential customers is a difficult approach along with employees in far flung locations is critical. Using online channels and well established websites can allow them to preserve that link. Use surveys, other points to keep them engaged with the company website.

Nevertheless of the current scenario, it can be said that things will never be the same. Constant changes and adoption of digital behaviour that is providing services online will result in becoming a lifetime important medium for transacting for the tech driven future. There never can be the best time to adopt digital transformation and can say worse time to delay it for any longer.