Cookie policy is a device (small files placed on your device) which allows you to access our device. This enables company to recognize your device when you visit our site on future mainly to provide better user experience. Through cookies, we can remember your visit as if its single visit or multiple visits enables you to get consistent experience of our website.

Types Of Cookies
  • Strictly necessary : These cookies are necessary for our company to provide services as to perform basic functions. These cookies enable registered users to authenticate and allow website to link with user action at the time of browsing.
  • Functioning : These cookies get stored on user device after the expiring of browsing session. This enables in recalling the preferences of users or language or location mainly targeted to provide better use experience by providing relevant content to user.

Third party cookies

Sites include cookies from third party Company which enables us targeting effective advertisement campaigns and measure the effectiveness of our activities. So we can provide the user what is relevant by making advertisement more accurate. These cookies allow third party Company to collect information about your browsing activity on our sites .The activities such as accessing the page, links and frequency of visit. Depending upon your browsing, we may upgrade our advertisement through our advertisement agency.

Step to control cookie manually-

  • Set your browser to allow all cookies
  • Set your browser to Enables to only trusted sites
  • Set your browser to Accept cookie from current website

How to contact us-

If any issue arises related to our privacy policy and cookie policy or to get more info, please contact us at-