Decreased Expenditure, Increased Sales

Digitization and changing retail ecosystem are forcing automobile industry to adhere to new mobility concepts and to rethink their retail strategies for a seamless integration across all customer-facing channels, customer centric approach and better market share. We offer Digital Service Monetization to detect consumers‘ willingness to pay for the specific services and regulate pricing and payment models. We integrate e-commerce platforms and drive sales channels for better sales and retail strategy. Our customized user-centric service functions for private as well as business customers.

ERP Solutions

Aligns customer needs, manages inventory, automates tedious processes, creates reports, handles invoicing and quotations and performs timely deliveries.

SLT Smart Mobility

Enables reinvents mobility for people in business for a connected ecosystem including customers, products, services and customer engine.

Early detection and Maintenance

This offers part failure prediction and on field quality issues for quick countermeasures and product forecast. It offers reduced warranty costs and time.

It not only helps in increment of Digital Marketing ROI but offers complete tracking and analysis as well. With SLT, advance your time to market through its customized digital solution- get notified about inventory shortage to avoid the demand-supply gap, replace your manual accounting operations with a detailed and interactive dashboard and more. Benefits are-

  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Quality control
  • Resource planning
  • Efficient product cycle
  • Cloud base data storage
  • Accounting assistance
  • Tracking customer experience and orders